What Is Cloud Computing? – In The Easiest Terms Cloud Computing Defines An Storing And Accessing Data And Programs Over The Internet From A Remote Location. Its Basically a Virtual Environment, If We Are Talking About Cloud Computing.

But In Other Words, Cloud Computing Is Used For the Delivery Of Hosted Services Over The Internet.

AWS Cloud Computing Definition – It Refers To The On-Demand Delivery Of IT Resources And The Application via Internet With “Pay As You Go” Pricing Model.

As Per “Pay As Per You Go Pricing Model” AWS Charges On Hourly Basis, So We Can Take One Example.

If “A” Using Some Resources For 2 Hours, AWS Will Charge Only For Two Hours.

Now This Way You Can Control Billing Amount If Services Are Not Required.

You Can Stop And You Can Calm Your Resources And You Can Save Your Money.


What Are The Hosted And Cloud Services?

We Must Have Some Comparision In Hosted And Cloud Services. As We Know The Cloud Services Are Ok, But What Are The Hosted Services?

What Are The Hosted Services?

Cloud Computing Is Internet-Based Computing, Where You Can Deliver IT Infrastructure, Software Applications Related Services.

However, Before the Arrival Of Cloud Computing, You Used to Deliver The Software Application Services From Your Own Physical Account.

But The Time Has Changed, People Are Using Cloud Computing.

They Are Hosting Their Services Using Cloud Environment Over The Internet.

And We Are Using Some Data Centers Provided By Our Cloud Providers.

So, Therefor You Can See, There Are Two Types Of Services We Have, Hosted Services And The Cloud Services.



In This Technology, You Configure And Maintain Infrastructure And Software Application At Your Own Environment To Provide Services To Your Client.

And Access Of These Service To Your End Users Are Often Provided Through A Direct Connection And This Can Require Internet Connectivity.

Hosted Services You Are Using To Publish Your Application Or Websites. That Infrastructure Could Be Your Own Or You May Hire From Somewhere.

But If You Deliver, If You Publish Applications Or Websites Over The Internet It Becomes CLOUD

You Can Have Your Own Cloud, You Can Have Your Public Cloud, You Can Have Your Hybrid Cloud.


Cloud Services Is Little Bit Different, In Such Platforms Do Not Require Physical Servers

And Infrastructure To Run Your Applications.


Cloud Computing Serves You A Simple Way Of Access Of Servers, Databases, Storages, Network Capabilities And Other Set Of Application Services Over The Internet.

In Brief, You Can Say Hosted Services Over The Internet Is Known As Cloud Computing.






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