What Is Bootstrapping?

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What Is Bootstrapping? – When You Launch An Instance Using AMI, You Might Have Noticed That The Launched Instance Is Fresh And There Is No Configuration On That Instance.

  • So Basically It Comes With The Default Configuration And It Is Not Your Projected Instance.
  • But You Have To Install Certain Package And Want To Do Some Configuration.
  • Means You Want To Do Some Configuration On The Top Of This EC2 Instance And You Want To Make That That Instance Your Projected.
  • This May Take Some Valuable Time And Efforts.
  • And In Order To Automate This Installation And Configuration
  • We Can Pass Some Codes At The Time of Launch Of The Instance To Initiate This Task.
  • So This Process Is Known As Bootstrapping.
  • Let’s Say You Are Launching An Instance.
  • Whether It May A Linux Instance Or Windows Instance, So We launch It This Instance Is Fresh And New.
  • Nothing Is Installed On The Top Of This.
  • Once The Installation Is Done.
  • What We Normally Do, You Take Its Remote, You First Of Install Some Packages, Enable Some Services, You Copy Some Data.
  • Then You Feel That Some Instance Is Ready To Use.
  • So Basically This Is A Time Taking Procedure.
  • And You Do Not Want To Waste Your Time.
  • If You Seeking A Kind Of A Method.
  • Which You Complete All These Tasks.
  • Assigned Tasks, In The Installation Time.
  • So That Can Be Done.
  • That Can Be Done With The Help Of The Bootstrapping.
  • Bootstrapping Enables You To Script Software Installation Configuration.
  • At The Time Of Launch Of Your Instance.
  • Let’s Say If You Have An Script, let’s Say You Are Taking An Script In Case Of Linux
  • That Script Tell You How You Can Install These Required Softwares Configuration.
  • So If You Pass That Script During The Launch Of The Instance.
  • The Entire The List Of Tasks You Are Completed.
  • So You Not To Take Remote Your Machine To Configure Furthur.
  • This Is Called Bootstrapping.
  • I’ll Tell You How The Things Can Be Done.
  • Let’s Say We Have One Script Who Configure Your Server.
  • I’m Taking A Simple Script In Note Pad
  • I’m Just Writing A Simple Script
  • Youll Understand
  • What You Normally Do To Configure Your Server As An Apache Server.
  • Lets Say, First Of All

Open Your Note Pad And Write




checkconfig htppd on

echo “This is my bootstrapped VM of linux” > /var/www/html/index.html


  • These Lines About Configuration We Already Done Multiple Times.
  • These Are The Lines You Need To Pass Through Install One Httpd Server
  • Once It Is Installed What Youll Do
  • Youll Just Write Line echo “This is my bootstrapped VM of linux” >
  • You Just Pass This Line To index.html
  • Which Implies In /var/www/html/index.html
  • These Are The Four Lines You Need To Write
  • To Configure Your Linux Instance As Your Apache Server
  • This Is Very Simple Configuration I Need To Pass
  • This Is A Kind Of Script You Need To Pass
  • Either You Need To Store These Lines In A Particular File
  • So That You Can Share The File
  • During The Launch Of The Instance
  • If This Script Is Really Small,
  • You Can Copy & Paste The Script
  • And That Can Be Done
  • Means Your Machine Will Be Configured
  • But Please Ensure That There Should Not Be Any Mistake
  • In This Script
  • There Should Not Be Any Mistake
  • Do You See Any Mistake Here

Just Go To EC2 Dashboard On AWS Site

  • Click On Instances
  • Click On Launch Instance
  • Select Linux AMI Free Tier
  • Select t2.micro In Instance Type
  • It Free of Cost That’s Why I’m Selecting It
  • Click On Configure Instance Details
  • now The 3rd Step, This Is Important
  • To Place Your Machine In A Particular VPC
  • Particular Availability Zone Or Subnet
  •  Select All These Settings On This 3rd Step On The Page As It Is
  • Don’t Make Any Changes
  • But Where You Can Pass That Script
  • Scroll Down On This Step 3
  • If You Scroll Down, There Is Advanced Details Option
  • You Just Click And Open This Advanced Option
  • And Here(User data) Either You Can Pass The File
  • If You File As a Script, You Just Click On ‘As File’ Option
  • And Choose A File
  • Might Be Your File Is Stored In Your Laptop Or Desktop
  • You Can Upload The File
  • Or If The Script Is Really Small
  • You Can Paste The Script Here(User Data)
  • Then Click On Add Storage
  • Select 8gb
  • Click On Configure Security Group
  • You Need To Configure The Security Group In Order To See The Result
  • Click On Add Rule
  • Select HTTP
  • Because In HTTP Port Number 80 Should Be Open
  • You Just Open This Port No 80
  • Click On Review & Launch
  • Select Key Pair, Check Box
  • Finally, Click On Launch
  • You Launched The Instance
  • I Hope Everything Is Fine
  • In Few Seconds The Machine Will Be Ready
  • Once The Machine Is Ready
  • Youll Take Its Remote
  • Youll Check Directly On Your Browser
  • To Check Whether This Machine Is Configured Or Not
  • If Your Machine Is Configured, Your Script Is Working Fine.
  • The Machine Will Be Ready
  • Copy The IP Address Of The Machine You Created Now
  • And Just Open Browser
  • Paste The IP Address And See Its Working Or Not
  • It Should Work
  • You’ll See “This is bootstrapped VM of Linux” on The Page
  • It’s Working

You Have To Be Very Good In Scripting If You Are Writing A Script.


Do Some Assignments

  1. Create A VM(LINUX) With a Private Key – how will you regain access over the instance again
  2. Create A Window 2012/2016 Instance & Configure It As Web Server & Test It.
  3. Create VM and Add 10gb ebs Volume To It.
  4. Launch Linux Instance & Pass A Bootstrap Script To Configure Machine As A Apache Server
  5. Search/Find Apache Server Script From Was Documentation And Implement It.

You Can Check AWS Bootstrap Scripts For Linux On Google







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