Cloud Computing – Why We Are Using Cloud Computing, Definitely We Are Getting Some Benefits Using Cloud Computing. We Have Number Of Benefits, So Some Benefits Are Listed Down Here.

  • Flexibility
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Software Updates
  • Controlled Capital-Expenditure
  • Stop Guessing Capacity
  • Data Accessibility
  • Security
  • Competitiveness
  • Unlimited Storage

Today We Will Understand Other Cloud Number Of Platforms Available. For Example, We Have AWS, Google, Azure Etc.

Number Of Platforms We Have, So These Are Few Major Names.

Small, Medium And Large Business Houses Finds Some Significant Benefits To Switch On Cloud Because Of Its Less Cost, High Availability, Easy Deployment Of Services.

Remember The Cloud Computing Is Not a Single Piece Of Technology And Hence We Cannot Limit Its Benefit.

So In This Topic, We Will See The Different Kind Of Cloud Computing Also. Such As SaaS, Means Software As Service, PaaS, Platform As Service, IAS, Infrastructure As Service.

Almost Every Organization Want To Use The Cloud Computing Benefits Either Partially Or Fully.

According To One Survey Conducted In America, It Is Estimated That By The End Of 2021 Cloud Computing Market Can Touch More That 200 Billion Dollar This Is Big Opportunity Here.

That’s Why People Are Moving Their Infrastructure Over The Cloud, Big Player Of Cloud Computing Like Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, HP Are Making Huge Investment In Cloud Computing.

And Amazon Web Services Is A Public Cloud Computing Platform Based On Pay As We Go Model.


HP Also Having Their Own Cloud. They Are Having Their Own Cloud And They Are Providing Affiliate Cloud To Their Clients.

Intel, Microsoft, HP Almost Every Big Has Their Own Cloud.


1. Flexibility – So Cloud Computing Is The Best For Businesses Everybody Knows, We Have Number Of Benefits, So We Are Using The Regular Changes In The Your Resources Requirement Or Fluctuating  Benefit Of Demand.

So Sometimes You Need Less Number Of Resources, Sometimes You Need Large Number Of Resources And Actually You See, Your Demand Is Fluctuating.

And This Way In Physical Environment You Normally Purchase Your HardWare In Order To Just Manage Those Fluctuations And According To This Resources Can Be Scaled Up And Scale Down In Cloud Computing.

And To Scale Down And To Scale Up To Meet The Requirements Its The Method Of Few Seconds Or Minutes With Cloud Administrative Knowledge.

In Addition, AWS Enables You To Select Resources Of Your Choice, For Example Operating System, You Can Choose Any Operating System, You Can Choose Any Programming Languages Which Are Popular On Cloud Platforms These Days, You Can Choose Any Sort Of Data Base Which Requires Your Project, Web Application Platform And Other Services If You Require.

So It’s Really Flexible, There Is No Such Restriction, Nobody Is Forcing You To Just Work On Some Limited Set Of Resources.It’s Your Call.

So It’s Really Flexible, And You Can Scale Up And Scale Down, To Meet The Requirements.

Means, Autoscaling Is There.

2. Controlled Capital-Expenditure – You Can Say Reduced And Controlled Capital-Expenditure, Its Really Good Advantage.

So Think About Your Old And Traditional Way To Run IT Services, You Require The Servers, Storages, Routers, Cables, Connectors, Switches, Database Servers.

Number Of Things Are There In Your Traditional Environment.

Overall Cost Of Infrastructure Was Too High And To Cut Down The Cost Of Existing Physical Infrastructure, The Cloud Provides An Excellent Opportunity, You Can Now Choose AWS Services, Which Simply Based On ” Pay As You Go Model ”  And You Enjoy The Service Model.

So Instead Of Heavy Investment On Hardware And Software, Cloud Computing Provides Resources On Cloud.

You Can Configure Them As Per Your Need To Deliver Certain Services To Your End Users.

And This Way You Can Control, The Cost Of Your Infrastructure If It Is Not Require.

If It Is Require You Can Increase Your Resources.

So This Way It Is Directly Connected To Investment And Your Running Cost.

Software Updates – If You Have Some Idea About System Administration In Your Physical Environment, This Is Very TDS Job.Because Once You Are Running Your Machines And Sometimes You Need To Upgrade Your Softwares Or Operating Systems.

In All Servers In All Running Servers. You Normally Required A Dedicated Person And Dedicated Servers To Push Those Updates.

AWS Is Now Offer Patch Management Capabilities, We Have Patch Management Capabilities, Which Is Known As System Manage.


Which Is The Part Of Your EC2, EC2 Basically Is Service Is AWS, Which Is Being Used To Create Virtual Machines.

So, EC2 Means Elastic Compute Cloud Which Is Being Used To Create Virtual Machines, So The Patch Management Is Very Easy In AWS,

So With The Patch Management Capabilities, You Can Automate Your Patching Process, So This Feature Saves Your Time As well As Reduces The Cost Of  Your Running Infrastructure And Reduces The Risk Of the Non-Compliance Tool.

So Time To Time, Supplier Of Softwares, Like Microsoft Or Red Hat Or Any Another Vendor Who Is Providing Operating System Or Language They Are Providing.They Find Some Vernarabilities, Time To Time.

Which Can Be Cause Of Security Threat And To Fix Them, An Software Update Is An Essential Part, So Which Is Available Free Of Cost On  AWS.

So We Have A Service Called System Manager So You Need To Understand How To Manage It And How To Run It.

You Can Organize-It, You Can Simple Update The Running Application And Software Servers On AWS.

Stop Guessing Capacity – Stop Guessing Capacity Means Its Is Feature And Its A Benefit Of Cloud Computing. So When You Decide To Run An Application Over The Cloud, You Design An Infrastructure As Per Need.

And At The Time Of Designing, You Either End Up Sitting On Expensive Resources Or Dealing Limited Capacity.

But If You Are Working On Cloud Computing, You Don’t See Challenge Because The Cloud Computing Allows You To Tune The Infrastructure As Per The Requirement.

And You Can Define Minimum And Maximum, Capacity Of Resources, Which Can Scale Up Or Scale Down In Few Minutes.

Example – Let’s Say You Have One Application, You Hosted That Application One AWS Server, Later On, You Feel That One Server Is Not Sufficient To Bear The Load.

So Anytime You Can Increase The Number Of Servers And For That You Have Not Inform Anybody & You Have Not To Purchase Infrastructure In Advance As We Normally Purchase In Your Physical Environment.

So Anytime You Can Increase Number Of Resources And Anytime You Can Decrease Any Number Of Resources And You Are Paying Only For The Used Resources To AWS.

This Is The Good Thing.

You Have Not To Worry About The Liencencing Of Operating System You Are Using On Those Machines.

You Are Only Paying For The Resources On Hourly Basis.

This Is A Good Thing.

So Thats Why This Is Very Big Advantage And Relief For IT Managers And Infrastructure.


Data Accessibility – 

The People Are Saying The Data Is Not Safe, The Data Could Be Vulnerable, No, It Depends On The Configuration You Are Doing, Using Any Cloud Platform, Specially AWS.

And If You Have Proper Knowledge, How You Can Configure It And How You Can Provide Security I Think Its Really Very Very Safe.

Even Encryption Also You Can Apply, We Have Different Kind Of Encryptions. I’ll Tell You Later. Data Accessibility Over The Cloud Ultimately Its Easy, Cheaper And Highly Available For Bussiness Team.

Security – 

Security Is Basically The Matter Of Configuration And You Can Understand Architecture And If You Understand Applications If You Understand Your Resources You Can Better Implement Security Over Resources.

So You Can Access Your Data Stored Over Cloud Using Internet Connection From AnyWhere First of all.

So This Is Accessible From Anywhere.

And Cloud Computing Security Feature Is On High Priority For Cloud Computing Providers.

So This Includes Protection Of Critical Information, From Data Leakage And Deletion And Theft.

Number Of Services Like, We Have Security Groups, Network Access Control List, We Have In AWS WAF, Which Is Called As Web application Firewall.

Number Of Security Services Are There.

Even In AWS We Have Security Speciality Certification And If You Know If You Are Interested In That You Can Go For This.

Companies Are Hiring Specialize People Who Are Having Good Knowledge In Security.

The Features Like Data Encryption Is Also Available On The Clock, You Can Apply Data Encryption On Rest Or During Data Transfer.

So This Is The Feature.

Security Is Benefit Of Cloud Computing.

Disaster Recovery – Some Companies Are Very Sensitive To Take Disaster Recovery And They Maintain Their Duplication Of Data On Multiple Geographic Locations.

Because AWS Is Available Over This Globe.

It Is Not In One Place.

You Can Find Data Center In US Continent And You Can Find Data Center In Europe, You Can Find Data Centers In India As Well As Australia, Even In Eastern Countries.

So If You Want Or If Your Company Want You Can Maintain Disaster Recovery Using The Multiple Locations.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Is Kind Of Method Or A Strategy To Take Backup Of Cloud Resources.

Including Data And Later On It Can Be Recovered.

That’s Why You Can Reduce The Chances Of Losing Your Data.

So This Provides The Data Recovery And Backup Strategy Which Is Happened Due To Happen Because Of Man Made Or Natural Catastrophy.

So AWS Provides Services That Enables Fast Recovery Of Your Configured IP Infrastructure And Data.

Actually There Is Storage In AWS And We Have Cross Region Application, Same Region Application, Strategies, So If You Apply You Can Save Your DataOn Multiple Locations.

I’ll Tell You What All These Global Infrastructure Is, Like Region, Availability Zones, I’ll Explain You After This Benefits Of Cloud Computing.

Competitiveness – What Is The Meaning Of Competitiveness, Earlier We Have A Kind Of A Experience,

Lets Say You Want To Start A New business And You Have Very Limited Resources, If You Starting A Business Definetly You’ll Have Definitely A Limited Budget.

So You Cannot Go With The Large Number Of Data Centers, Multiple Locations And Many Other Features, So,  If You Want To Establish Your Own Infrastructure, It Was Quite Expensive Earlier.

But These Days Such Kind Of Things Are Very Easy And Available On Cloud Computing.

Example – When You Run A Business, The Product Of Business Is An Ultimate Goal. Like If Your Company Is Making A Shoe.Shoe Is An Ultimate Goal.

If Your Company Is Making Some Medicines, So Medicines Are Ultimate Goal.

So Business Houses Needs To Put All Their Efforts To Maintain Quality And Production Number Of Product.

They Dont Want To Waste Their Energy On IT Infrastructure.

So Thats I’m Saying That The AWS Says JUST FOCUS ON YOUR PRODUCT.

On Your Project.

Do Not Put Heavy Efforts To Manage IT Infrastructure.

So If You Are Using Cloud Computing So Your Life Is Easy.

So You Can Manage All Your Infrastructure, IT Environment Very Easily.

Cloud, You Do Not Require Heavy Lifting Of Racks, Servers, Cables And Other Resources.

Because Earlier It Was Very Difficult In Physical Data Centers.

It Is Easy To Use For Everyone And You’ll Have An Better Experience And Low Latency Resources.


In Brief Cloud Computing Allows Even Small Businesses To Act An Faster Then Begin Established Competitors.


These Are Few Benefits.

Unlimited Storage – 

We Have Three Different Kind Of Storages In AWS, We Have Disk Attached Storages, We Have NAS Storages, We Have Block Storages, We Have Flat System Storages.

We Have Object Level Storages.





















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