Creating AWS Free Tier Account – Step  1 – I Will Type AWS Free Tier Account On Google And I’ll Click On The First Link That I Get. I Will Go To AWS Website.

Step 2 – I’ll Click On AWS Free Tier Account, In Order To Use AWS Free Tier Account Either, I’ll Use My Debit Card Or Credit Card.

Debit Card Or Credit Card Is Really Important To Integrate With AWS Account, Offcourse They Will Not Charge, Any Amount Without My Discretion.

But Just In Order To Identify A Person, Authenticity, I Should Connect Your Debit Card Or Credit Card.

Step 3 – So After Clicking On Create AWS Free Tier Account, I’ll Land On Page Where It Shows Create An AWS Account.

In the Email ID Section, I’ll Write My Email Id.

Step 4 – And I’ll Give Some Password.

I Must Have Some Complex Password.

Step 5 – I Must Give An Account Name.

I’ll Give My Account Name Which Is My Name.

Step 6 – I’ll Click On Continue

Step 7 – I’ll Find Some Security Check, This Is Very Simple Step Anybody Can Do But Only Thing Is You Need To Attach Your Debit Card Or Credit Card.

Step 8 – You’ll Land On Contact Information Page, Here I Can See There Are Two Different Types Of Accounts, Professional & Personal, I Have To Select Personal Only.

Step 9 – And I Should Here My Phone Number.

Step 10 – And I’ll Select My Country In

Step 11 – And I’ll Write My Address

Step 12 – And I’ll Write My City

Step 13 – I’ll Write My Postal Code

Step 14 – I’ll Accept The Agreement Related To The Policy.

Step 15 – I’ll Click On Create Account and Continue.

Step 16 – And I’ll Land On Payment Information Page, Here I Need To Give My Credit/Debit Card Number And Only VISA, MASTER, American Express And Discover Are Allowed On AWS Platform.

Step 17 – I’ll Write My Card Expiration date

Step 18 – I’ll Write Card Holders Name, Which is My Name.

Step 19 – I’ll Write My Billing Address, Either My Contact Address Or I’ll Use A New Address.

Step 20 – PAN Is Not Mandatory, I’ll Skip It, I’ll select No.

Step 21 – I’ll Click On Verify And Add.


This Is The Procedure To Create An AWS Free Tier Account. My Credentials My AWS Free Tier Account Is My Email ID & My Password Is The One I Gave.

This Way I Can Create Easily My AWS Free Tier Account.


Step 22 – I’ll log in Into My Account.

Step 23 – I’ll Click On My Account On The Top Right.

Step 24 – I’ll Land On AWS Management Console.

Step 25 – This Is The Very First Screen.

Step 26 – When I Log In, Into My Account, I’ll Land On AWS Management Console.

Step 27 – If I Scroll Down, Number Of Build Solutions & Learning Material Is Already Is There Related To The Various Fields.



By In My Course, We Are Just Going To Focus On Compute Services, Networking Services, DataBase Services, Storage Services, Security Services & Few More Other Services Depending On My Requirement And I Can Customize This As Per My Requirement.








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