Technology Is Forcing Human Being To Be Honest – Mobiles, Laptops, Electronic Devices, Devices With Internet Connection Are Playing Important Role In The Society Today.

Human Is Behaving Differently If There Is Device And If There Is No Device.

Human Being Is Behaving Different In Front Of Camera And Off The Camera.

Devices Which Means Technology If Forcing Human To Behave In Certain Way.


Government Of The Counties Today Are Very Happy Today Because Of Technology, It Reduced The Time And Energy Of The Human.

Technology Reduced The Crime Rate.

Technology Made People To Be In Control.

Technology Forced Human Being Not To Expose Extreme Negative Emotions.


Technology Changed The Society And The World Completely.

If You Observe Human Beings Before Technology & After Technology There Is Alot Of Difference.

Human Stopped Doing Alot Of Things Because Of Technology.

Human Started Doing Alot Of Things Because Of Internet.


In My View Technology Is Forcing Human Being To Be Honest.

Human Being Cannot Lie If There Is A Technical Equipment Which Is Capturing Him.


Cameras Are Eyes.

Camera Is Like An Eye.

A Eye Which Is Focused.

A Eye Which Captures Everything, Small Big Large Tiny Everything Today.

So This Is Human Created Eye.

This Human Created Eye Is Capturing Saving Info Using Storage Devices And Showing You To Other Human Beings.

So When There Is Camera You Are Different And When There Is No Camera You Are Different.


I Want To Meet People Who Will Be Same In Front Of Camera And Off The Camera.

I Didnt Meet But Hopefully In My Life This Is My Goal As A Technologist.

Technology Is Making You To Behave In Certain Way.


The Way You Standing, The Way You Are Sitting, The Way You Are Walking, The Way You Are Talking, The Way You Are Being Yourself Is Different When A Camera Is Capturing You And When A Camera Is Not Capturing You.




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