Understanding Human Relations Made Me To Understand Computer Relations Better, I Mean Computer Networks Better.

I Understood Why Human Need Relations.

I Understood Why Human Need Connections.

I Understood The Needs Of Human Being.


Needs Makes Human To Connect To Other.

If You Need Something You Will Connect With Somebody.

Which The Need That You Have, You Will Get It From Somebody.

It Can Be Any Need.


Give And Take, Barter System.

Giving And Taking Creates Connection Between Human.

If Two Human Beings Are Giving And Taking Properly And Consistently.

The Connection Between Them Will Be Very Stronger.


Human Relations And Computer Relations Is About Connectivity.

Understing Why Two Beings Are Connected Made Me To Understand Why Two Are Connected.

It Is Because There Is Exchange Between Two Computers And Two Human Beings.


When There Is Exchange Of Any Kind Energy, There Will Be Send And Receive, Accept And Reject.

If The Information From One Brain To Another Brain Is Constant It Shows That Both The Brains Are Willing To Accept The Information Which Is Coming From Each Other.

So In The Similar Way, Computer Exchange Information From Each Other.


If Two Computers Are Exchanging Information From Each Other Which Means Both Are Willing To Accept Information From Each Other Continuously.


I Believe That Two Same Kind Of Human Beings Can Connect And Exchange Information For Long Time

I Believe Two Same Kind Of Computers Can Connect And Exchange Information For Long Time.

It Will Be Very Easy For Both Of Them To Connect With Each Other And Start Exchanging The Information That They Have.


What I Understood Is Human Created Computer Networks By Understanding Human Networks.

Understing The Connectivity Between Human Beings Makes You Understand Computer Networks Easily.


Be  A Good Communicator And Good Connector If You Want To Be A Good Computer Engineer.


I’ll Tell More About It Soon.





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