I Understood Computer Networks As A Engineer & I Understood Human Networks As A Human Being, Both Are Same.

I Understood Computer Networks As A Engineer And I Understood Human Networks As A Human Being, Both Are Same.

What Is Network?

One Connecting With Other Is Network.

It Can Be Computer Or It Can Be Human Being.

One To One Network And One To Many, Many To Many These Are The Types Of Networks.


If  You Computer In The Place Of One, It Is Computer Network.

If You Put Human In The Place Of One, It Is Human Network.


If You Understand Human Network Is Very Easy For You To Understand Computer Network.

In Simple Words If You Understand Human Connectivity, You’ll Understand Computers Connectivity.



One To One Connection

One To Many Connection

Many To Many Connection


What Happens Between Humans?

Exchange Of Emotions And Feelings And Thoughts And Ideas

Which Is Called As Information.

What Happens Between Computers?

Exchanging Videos, Audios, Files, Photos, Documents


In Both The Networks The Information Is Exchanged.

Human Connects With Other Human

Computer Connects With Other Computer


One Human Connects With More Humans, Who Is Called As Businessman

One Computer Connects With Many Computers It Is Called As Administrator.


In The Network, The Exchange Of Information Takes Place.

Information Will Be Transferred From One Entity To Other Entity.

Send And Recieve.

Accept And Reject


Medium Between Human Beings Are Language

Medium Between Computers Are Wired And Wireless


Using These Medium The Tranfer Of Knowledge Or Information Takes Place In The Network

The Capacity Of The Sender And Receiver Should Be Same In Order To Accept And Reject.

It Should Be Balanced.

If There Is Equal Strength Between Two Human Beings Or Computers The Information Transfer  Will Be Good.

So Learn Human Connections In Order To Understand Computer Connections.


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Sai Charan Paloju







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