As A Software Engineer It Is Mandatory For Me To Become Software User To Understand Its Mechanism

As A Software Engineer It Is Mandatory For Me To Become Software User To Understand Its Mechanism – What I Said Is True, It Is Very Important For Me As A Software Engineer To Understand Software From  The User’s Perspective.

If Every Software Developer & If Every Engineer Can Able To See What Is Going Right And What Is Going Wrong, We Can Able Fix The Issues And Make Software Look Better And Make To More User Friendly.

Understanding Software Mechanism Is Mandatory For Me.

I Should Know How Its Working And Why Its Working Like That.

As A Person Who Responsible To Create Quality Product Called Software Or Application It Is Necessary For Me To Understand Its Mechanism.

The Way Of Looking At The Software Of Mine Matters.

The Way Im Concentrating, The Way Im Focusing, The Way Im Checking, The Way Im Observing Is Important.


Its Mandatory For Me As Software Engineer Or Software Developer To See Software From The User’s Perspective.

If I Understand What User Likes And Dislikes What User Feel Comfortable And Where User Feel Discomfort able While Using Software I Can Able To Change The Design According To The Users Comfort.

At The End Of The Day As A Responsible Person I Need Make My User Feel Happy With The Software That Im Developing.


Without Understanding The Users Experience If Im Developing Software And If The Software Is Not Understandable To The User, If Its Complicated, I’ll Call My Self As A Bad Software Developer.

Because My Software Becomes Useless If Its Not Connecting With Ability Of Understanding Of The User.

If There Are No User, There Are No Software Developers.

Any Software Which Is Not Connecting To Many Users In The World, I Call That Software As Connecting With Less People Software.

Me As A Software Developer Need To Find Functionalities That Matches With All The Users Requirement, At least I Should To Connect With All My Software Users.


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