AI Is Far More Dangerous Than Nukes – Elon Musk, Actual Intelligence Is Far More Dangerous Than Artificial Intelligence – Sai Charan Paloju

Yes, Human Intelligence Is Far More Dangerous Than Artificial Intelligence.

I Dont Know In Which Context Elon Musk Said That Nukes Are More Powerful Than AI.

Nukes Are Human Creation And AI Is Human Creation.

Both Are Thoughts Of Human Being.


I Dont Know Weather He Saw This Perspective Or Not.

Anything Which Is Created By Human Being, Will Be In Human Control And Can Be In Human Control.

Human Intelligence Will Not Allow Any Artificial Thing To Control It.


Elon Musk Is Saying That Its Self Goal To Create AI.

But The Point Here Is Human Is Aware Of The Possibilities, Human Knows The Capacity And Ability Of The Of Every Creation Of Human.

But Still Elon Musk Is Broad Mind Guy, I Dont Know In Which Context He Said This.


My Opinion Is Not To Oppose His Thoughts, I’m Just Telling Our Intelligence Will Not Let Any Artificial Thing To Take Over.


Human Creations Will Be In Human Control.

Human Is Controlling Everything.

Sometimes It Goes Outside, But Eventually Human Creations Are In Human Control And Will Be In Human Control.


AI Is Not Corona Virus, Corona Virus Is Nature Created Thing.

Human Felt Very Tough To Control Corona Virus.

Because It was Shock And Unexpectable Thing.

It Was A New Thing.


AI Is Known Thing, Its Not New Thing.

We Know It.

We Are Studying It.

We Understood It And We Think Before We Giving Exceptional Powers To It.

What I Strongly Believe Is Human Will Never Let Himself Go Down By Creating Something That Destroys Him.


Human Is Aware Of What He Is Doing, Why He Is Doing.

Anything He Do To Save Our Planet, Save Creatures.


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